FAQs About James Patterson’s $1 Million Giveaway to Indie Bookstores

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The following FAQs were provided by James Patterson to help answer booksellers’ questions about his $1 million pledge to independent bookstores with children’s sections that are committed to fostering a love of reading among children and young adults. In February, Patterson announced the first round of grants to 55 recipients, totaling $267,000 in awards.

The following FAQs are also available at JamesPatterson.com/booksellers.

Q: How did James choose the stores for the first round and how will he identify stores going forward?

A: James worked to identify stores for whom this money might make a difference, and stores who were doing good work. He worked with ABA, asked fellow authors to identify worthy stores, and spoke with other publishers as well. Because he didn’t want to miss anyone, he also put up a link on his website where people can suggest stores: jamespatterson.com/booksellers/.

For the first round, and going forward, James corresponds directly with the booksellers on a one-on-one basis. He personally reviews all of the ideas that booksellers share with him and looks especially for concepts that are likely to make a difference in local communities. He is continuing to review some of the requests that already came in, as well as new ones that are still arriving.

Q: What are the requirements to be considered for a grant?

A: To be considered a store must be viable (meaning they are already and successfully in business), and they must have a children’s book section.

Q: I left information on the website and I don’t see my store in the list of recipients so far. When will I hear from James?

A: Again, James will be corresponding with booksellers on a one-on-one basis. There have been thousands and thousands of recommendations from across the country and the stores listed represent only the recipients to date. He will attempt to correspond with, and send grants to, as many bookstores that meet his criteria as possible in the coming year, but of course he cannot accommodate every bookseller or every request.

Q: Where is the money for these grants coming from?

A: All grants are personally funded by James Patterson.

Q: If stores that have already received funds (in the first round) come back and show that the money was effective, will more money be available to the same stores?

A: James is considering all things at this point, including extending this program after the current year. He is eager to hear new ideas and to see how these innovative stores are able to come through with their projects.