Free Gift Show Access Available to Booksellers

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Urban Expositions, which manages and produces gift shows throughout the year in locations around the country, is welcoming booksellers to attend its exhibitions free of charge. 

As the curator of the Seattle Gift Show, held in the days leading up to Winter Institute 2014, Urban Expositions offered booksellers the opportunity to attend the show for free and to explore 10,000 innovative, new product lines, and the feedback from attendees was very postitive.

Additional gift shows by Urban Expositions will be held throughout the year, and booksellers are welcome to attend at no cost. See the full list of upcoming gift shows here. Specialty shows, including the upcoming Art & Design show in New York City, require paid tickets to attend.

To receive free admission to the gift shows, booksellers must present a personal photo ID and two pieces of business identification, such as a copy of the store’s business license, a company check, or a business card.

Stores may send any number of staff to the shows, and there is no limit to how many booksellers from each store may attend or which days they can visit the exhibits.

Booksellers interested in attending a gift show free of charge can select the desired show from Urban Expositions’ calendar and register online, or they can contact Jhana Jordan, director of key accounts for Urban Expositions.

Since launching its first show in 1996, Urban Expositions has grown to host 34 regional gift events in cities throughout the country. The company is led by managing partners Doug Miller and Tim von Gal and is based in Kennesaw, Georgia, with offices in Connecticut, Florida, and California.