Kobo Updates: Mini Sale, Aura’s Arrival, and More

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Just in time for summer reading, a sale on the Kobo Mini began on Wednesday, June 19. During the sale –– which will run until July 18 –– the Kobo Mini eReader will be offered at a discounted price, and Kobo will be offering rebates to stores that purchase the device.

To generate in-store interest in the sale, a promotional poster is available in the Kobo section of Designs and Downloads. To order additional inventory, booksellers are encouraged to contact their Ingram sales rep.

In other Kobo news, shipping of the Kobo Aura HD eReader has begun, and it will continue throughout the beginning of July. Stores ordering now will receive a demo device. A limited number of new pedestal displayers will also be available. Auras can be ordered through a bookstore’s Ingram rep. All Kobo promotional materials –– including a sell sheet introducing customers to the Aura –– are available in the Kobo section of Designs and Downloads.

As a reminder, during graduation season, from June 7 through July 5, Workman is offering an exclusive Kobo eBook edition of Jessica’s Hagy’s How to Be Interesting, with “How to Be Interesting After You Graduate: A Digital Short” as an extra chapter at the end.

Customers who purchase a Kobo eReader at an ABA member store from June 7 to July 5 will automatically receive a free copy in their device library. At stores selling only eBooks, customers can either purchase the special edition of How to Be Interesting for themselves or give the eBook as a gift with just the click of a button. There are two sets of materials available in Designs & Downloads — one set for device-selling stores to promote the free eBook with the purchase of a device; the other for stores selling eBooks only that promotes how easy it is to eGift.

For booksellers who want to stay up-to-date on all things Kobo, earlier Kobo announcements and updates have been archived and are available to ABA members on BookWeb.