Macmillan to Offer Expedited Shipping October Through December

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Macmillan Publishers has announced that it will be implementing expedited shipping for independent retailers’ reorders from October through December 2016. The program applies to independent retailers who order on Macmillan’s retail returnable schedule and for locations that typically have shipment transit times of three days or more.

Starting October 3 through December 23, shipments with an invoice value greater than $100 will be shipped via a two-day air expedited service to locations where shipment transit times are normally three days or more using standard ground services. With the holiday program, all independent retailers throughout the U.S. will have the benefit of ship times of two days or less.

For accounts that are typically reached within two days under standard ground shipping methods, there will be no change to their current daily ship schedule for reorders.

Orders for new releases will be dispatched per Macmillan’s normal schedule, ensuring availability in time for the books’ publication dates. Shipments for an invoice value less than $100 will be shipped via the standard shipping schedule.

Booksellers with questions should contact their Macmillan sales reps.