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Continuing our coverage of independent booksellers' celebrations marking the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Scholastic), which began last week, here Bookselling This Week presents photos provided by Reader's Choice in Centerville, Ohio; Village Bookstore in Pleasantville, New York; Second Story Book Shop in Chappaqua, New York; The Storyteller in Lafayette, California; Octavia Books in New Orleans; Brystone Children's Books in Fort Worth, Texas; and The Learned Owl Bookshop in Hudson, Ohio.

Reader's Choice Bookstore, Centerville, Ohio

Making potions

Hogwarts Express treat cart

I'll put a spell on you!

Potter Trivia Contest
Village Bookstore, Pleasantville, New York

An owl presides over a Harry Potter display and a cauldron of cold drinks.

"Professor" Roy Solomon, the store's co-owner, and bookseller Ashlee Hollingsword.

Second Story Book Shop, Chappaqua, New York

Breaking the seal at midnight.

Nora Cullen and ABA's Len Vlahos at the cashwrap.

Vlahos, Caitlin Brown, and ABA's Mark Nichols share a laugh with a customer.

The Storyteller, Lafayette, California

Walter the Giant Storyteller as Hagrid.
Harry Potter Obstacle Course, in which kids threw a sock at the house elf, climbed through Aragog's web, stuck their wands up the troll's nose, and more.

House elf

Aragog's web

Troll head

Octavia Books, New Orleans

Children entering Octavia Books.

Costume judge, Jarrett Graham, making note of some great costumes.

Getting ready for the big countdown to the release.

Brystone Children's Books, Ft. Worth, Texas

Slytherin House Takes Over Hogwarts
Harry Potter Party

The Slytherin Common Room, where a portrait of Salazar Slytherin looked out over the proceeding as a "fire" burned in the fireplace.

A Slytherin dorm room, where a real life Slytherin student slept in the bed.

Professor Snape's office, where Professor Snape presided over detention and handed out demerit slips.
The Learned Owl Bookshop, Hudson, Ohio

More than 50 downtown stores became a magical haven for over 7,000 Harry Potter fans.

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