New Kobo Devices Available Soon to ABA Members

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Deadline approaches for end of life price protection on Mini and Arc models in stores now

The American Booksellers Association announced this week that a select group of the new line of Kobo eReaders and tablets will soon be available for order from Ingram: the Kobo Aura and Kobo Aura HD eReaders and the Kobo Arc and  Kobo Arc HD tablets.

Spec sheets on each of the new models are available in the ABA’s members-only Designs and Downloads, and additional information is available on the Kobo website. Marketing banners and posters are being created by Kobo.

ABA will provide participating stores with updates on the availability of the new models.

“Details about demo units are still being ironed out,” said ABA Member Technology Director Neil Strandberg, “but we wanted to give members a heads-up so they could begin to explore the options and the right devices for their stores.”

In connection with the launch of the new models, Kobo is phasing out the Kobo Mini and the Kobo Arc 16G, 32G, and 64G. This translates into immediate price reductions on all Kobo Arcs and Kobo Minis in store inventory.

Beginning October 1, the MSRP for the Kobo Arc 16G will be $139.99; for the Kobo Arc 32G, it will be $169.99; for the Kobo Arc 64G, $199; and for the Kobo Mini, $59.99. To ensure that retailers don’t lose money as a result of the price reductions, Kobo has agreed to issue rebates for every Arc and Mini in stores as of October 1.

To qualify for rebates, ABA member stores must report device quantities on hand as of October 1 by next Monday, October 7, via the Kobo Reporting Tool. Rebates will be paid no later than the first quarter of 2014. Learn more.

A Kobo Mini Snapback price reduction accompanies the Kobo Mini price reduction. Kobo is recommending a new SRP for the Snapback of at least 50 percent off the current price; however, stores may make their own decisions about final pricing. Kobo will provide a credit for every Kobo Mini Snapback case on-hand as of October 1, 2013. Snapback inventory information must be reported via the Kobo Reporting Tool by October 15.

In other news, Kobo has announced the launch of its Kobo Kids catalog. Customers can now browse over 100,000 kids books, create an account for their child, and add an allowance to their child’s account. A child can log in with the account their parents have created and buy child-appropriate materials. Learn more.

Kids’ enhancements on devices and mobile apps will launch at a later date.