Poll Underway Re Book Buyer's Handbook Print Edition

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ABA is currently seeking to determine the demand for a 2005 print edition of the ABA Book Buyer's Handbook. Since the launch of the ABA Book Buyer's Handbook online at handbook.bookweb.org/ in April 2002, publishers, distributors, and wholesalers have been updating their company data on an ongoing basis. The immediacy of the information in the online Handbook, plus the addition of short-term special offers and the inclusion of active links to publishers' websites, has made the online Handbook an invaluable resource for booksellers. Periodically, however, ABA has made available, at cost, a print-on-demand edition for booksellers who still desire a print book.

ABA is asking bookstore members interested in purchasing a print edition of a 2005 Handbook to let the association know by July 1. For an online form, click here; or send an e-mail, with Book Buyer's Handbook in the subject line, and include store name, address, and phone number; ABA ID number; and number of copies desired to [email protected]. In July, if a sufficient numbers of requests are received, a price will be set, and ABA will contact booksellers who have expressed a desire for a print book to verify the price and take orders. A minimum of 300 to 350 Handbooks must be ordered to keep the price at about $55.

Publishers, wholesalers, and distributors that have not recently updated their company information in the Handbook database should contact Denise Krause, Handbook coordinator, at [email protected] or (914) 591-2665, ext. 1263, for an online access code or for a print copy of their listing.