Publishers Announce Plans for Dozens of New Imprints in 2020

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Throughout the year, both small and large publishers have shared plans for imprints focused on all types of subjects, from diversity and inclusion to health and wellness.

Here are some of the imprints announced this year:

Alcove Press: an imprint focusing on commercial fiction, from Crooked Lane Books

Amble Press: an imprint from Bywater Books aiming to publish fiction and narrative nonfiction from writers who identify as people of color as well as those writing across the broader queer spectrum

Anne Schwartz Books: from Random House Children’s Books, this imprint will focus on picture books, as well as select middle-grade and YA fiction and nonfiction titles

bigbaldhead: an imprint from Blackstone Publishing in collaboration with actor Norman Reedus

Black Privilege Publishing: an imprint from Atria Books headed by multimedia personality and author Charlamagne tha God

Broadleaf Books: a new imprint from 1517 Media focusing on nonfiction titles related to religion, spirituality, social justice, personal growth, Christian living, and more

Cosmic Poetry: an imprint from Peterborough Poetry Project that will publish books of cosmological poems with illustrations and references for students grade 6-12

Dharma Spring: a nonfiction imprint focusing on books inspired by Buddhist wisdom, from Red Wheel/Weiser

Emancipation Books: from Post Hill Press’ Bombardier Books, this imprint will “give a voice to black and minority authors — including conservatives, libertarians, traditional liberals, and iconoclasts — whose nonconforming views are seldom represented in mainstream media, and find themselves increasingly unwelcome at the larger publishing houses”

Etch: an imprint from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children’s focusing on graphic noels

Flamingo Books: a picture book imprint from Penguin Young Readers

Fox News Books: an imprint of HarperCollins’ Broadside Books

GCP Balance: a nonfiction imprint from Grand Central Publishing focusing on health and wellness, business and success, psychology, self-help, diet, inspiration, work-life balance, leadership, and more

Graphic Mundi: a trade imprint from Penn State University Press that will publish comics for adults and young adults

Harper Alley: a graphic novel imprint from HarperCollins

Harper Horizon: a nonfiction imprint from HarperCollins focused on building relationships with authors who are actively working to make the world a better place

Heartdrum: an imprint from HarperCollins devoted to publishing books by Native creators

High Road Books: from University of New Mexico Press, this imprint will produce titles “dedicated to thoughtful, stylish, provocative fiction and nonfiction with western roots and national appeal”

Hill House Comics: a horror graphic novel imprint from DC

Histria Kids: an imprint of Histria Books focusing on titles for children and young adults

Joy Revolution: an imprint devoted to publishing teen love stories by and about people of color, led by bestselling authors Nicola and David Yoon as part of Random House Children’s Books

Keylight Books: an imprint from Turner Publishing Company that will publish titles with “character-driven stories and compelling perspectives” that are adaptable for film, TV, and streaming

La Reunion: an imprint from Deep Vellum focusing on nonfiction books about Texas

Labyrinth Road: this imprint from Random House Books for Young Readers will focus on middle grade series and novels, plus YA, specifically contemporary fantasy and realistic literary novels with high-concept hooks

Legacy Lit: an imprint dedicated to books for and by people of color, from Hachette Book Group

Magic Cat: an Abrams Children’s Books imprint that publishes family-friendly nonfiction and gift books for readers of all ages

MIT Kids Press and MITeen Press: a joint effort between MIT Press and Candlewick to create titles that cover a range of STEAM topics

Nightfire: a horror imprint from Tom Doherty Associates

One Boat: a sustainability imprint from Pan Macmillan

Palomino Press: a romance imprint from Skyhorse Publishing

Quill Tree Books: an imprint for young readers from HarperCollins Children’s Books

Random House Studio: from Random House Children’s Books, an imprint publishing picture books and more

Red Wheel Audio: an audio imprint from partners Red Wheel/Weiser and Dreamscape Media

RISE: publishing board books and early picture books for children up to age five, from Penguin Workshop

Rosewind Books: a romance media division focused on contemporary, historical, fantasy and holiday romance titles, from book-to-film entertainment corporation Vesuvian Media Group

Sacred Planet: an imprint from Inner Traditions that aims to expand the publisher’s focus on spiritual traditions, esoteric knowledge, occult wisdom, and ancient philosophies

Sequoia Kids Media: an imprint from Phoenix International Publications targeting the school and library market

Spruce Books: a nonfiction young adult imprint by Sasquatch Books

Sterling Teen: a young adult imprint from Sterling Publishing

Stuff You Should Read: An iHeartBook: from Flatiron Books in partnership with iHeartMedia’s iHeartPodcast Network, these books will focus on iHeartRadio’s curiosity podcasts

Sunbird Books: an imprint from Phoenix International Publications that features board books, storybooks, graphic novels, and other formats from a diverse group of authors and illustrators, including emerging talents

Tiny Reparations Books: an imprint from Plume launched by author, stand-up comedian, writer, actress, and producer Phoebe Robinson

Torch Graphic Press: a graphic novel imprint from Cherry Lake Publishing Group

Underlined: a young adult trade paperback imprint from Delacorte Press, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books

Unruly: from Enchanted Lion, this imprint will expand the publisher’s picture book formats to incorporate more experimental visuals and older age groups

Viz Originals: an imprint from Viz Media that publishes original graphic novels by artists inspired by manga and anime

Wild Pansy: an imprint focusing on sex and human sexuality from Armin Lear Press

Wise Wolf Books: a teen/young adult imprint focusing on series fiction, from Wolfpack Publishing

Workman Audio: an audiobook imprint from Workman Publishing

Zondervan Thrive: from Zondervan, a nonfiction imprint focused on personal development, fulfillment, health and wellness, self-care, marriage and family, abuse/trauma, anxiety, and personality typologies

Publishers that announced plans for a new imprint this year can contact [email protected] to be added to the list.