Publishers Invited to Promote Special Offers in Book Buyer’s Handbook

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The American Booksellers Association is inviting publishers, distributors, and wholesalers to share details about current special offers in the ABA Book Buyer’s Handbook, a valuable resource used by independent booksellers to find details about key publisher contacts, ordering and returns policies, co-op advertising, and more.

A dedicated link on the Handbook homepage directs visiting booksellers to a special section that highlights current offers. Publishers, distributors, and wholesalers can update the Handbook at any time to provide details about current and upcoming specials that booksellers may be interested in.

This year, the Handbook underwent a series of revisions to ensure it remains one of the most valued benefits offered to ABA members. As a result, reaching independent booksellers through the Handbook is easier than ever.

In a recent survey about booksellers’ use of the Book Buyer’s Handbook, respondents requested that publishers make sure their listings are up-to-date and thorough.

Booksellers said the Handbook is one-stop shopping for publisher information and easier to use than any other resource for these details. “I don’t look anywhere else for information. I go right to the Book Buyer’s Handbook because I know it will be there,” one bookseller said in response to the ABA Handbook survey.

Publishers, distributors, and wholesalers that are already listed in the Handbook can easily access and update their listings by signing in to BookWeb; for a BookWeb login, e-mail [email protected]. Vendors that are interested in being included in the Book Buyer’s Handbook are welcome to fill out a preliminary questionnaire.

The ABA Book Buyer’s Handbook can be found at or under the Daily Tools heading at the bottom of BookWeb.

To access the Handbook, booksellers need to be signed in to Booksellers who need their BookWeb login information can request it from the Member Relationship Manager for their region: Nathan Halter (for the NCIBA, SCIBA, MPIBA, PNBA, SIBA regions) at (800) 637-0037, ext. 7514, or Catherine Cusick (for NAIBA, NEIBA, GLIBA, MIBA) at (800) 637-0037, ext. 7566.

Booksellers are also encouraged to express the critical importance of accurate and up-to-date listings with their sales representatives and other contacts from the companies listed in the Handbook and to inform ABA about listing errors, omissions, or changes.

For the express purpose of ensuring the Handbook is as easy-to-use and as current as possible, ABA has welcomed Book Data Assistant Alison Larkin to the team. All feedback about the Handbook, including technical support questions, should be directed to Larkin at [email protected]