San Francisco Locally Owned Merchants Alliance to Hold Meeting on February 27

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Booksellers in the San Francisco area are invited to attend a San Francisco Locally Owned Merchants Alliance (SFLOMA) meeting on Thursday, February 27. The meeting, to be held at The Bindery at The Booksmith at 9:00 a.m. PST, will focus on proposed changes regarding payroll and gross receipt taxes.

The SFLOMA meeting comes after a City Hall meeting on February 6, at which locally owned businesses expressed concerns about increasing taxes. SFLOMA has invited both Ben Rosenfield, the city controller, and Ted Egan, the city’s chief economist, to attend the meeting. Egan will give a short presentation to attendees and listen to concerns.

In an email to members, Rick Karp, SFLOMA executive director, said, “This is a CRITICAL time for us to come together and work to have an impact on the outcome of this process. Make no mistake: the goal is higher taxes and the small and locally owned business community will carry more than its share of the burden unless we proactively engage the city now.”

All members of the locally owned business community are invited to attend.