Win a Ci10 Scholarship for Reporting Sales

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The final chance at a scholarship to the 10th annual Children’s Institute in Phoenix, Arizona this summer is available for many stores reporting sales for the Indie Bestseller lists and BookScan industry tracking tool.

As mentioned in the January 25 BTW article, critical changes to the underlying technology of the NPD BookScan reporting process are underway. Some stores reporting their weekly sales through their Point of Sales system will need to update certain settings in order to continue reporting without interruption.

In appreciation of the effort in making these changes, ABA will award one store from those that have made the switch prior to April 26 with a scholarship to Children’s Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, including up to $500 in travel expenses.

To be eligible for the drawing, stores must make the appropriate edits to the settings in their Point of Sale system in order to begin delivering their weekly sales reports to the recently established ABA FTP server.

Stores that have been reporting and are using POS systems which are handling these updates on behalf of stores (Basil, Bookmanager, IBIDie, WordStock) will be automatically entered into the drawing. Stores using one of these systems who have not been reporting and would like to start can write to and request to start reporting.

All stores using other POS systems which offer a facility for reporting to BookScan should have recently received instructions for updating their systems, as well as their unique login credentials for reporting. These instructions were sent out based on the POS data ABA has on file. If your store received instructions for the wrong POS or did not receive instructions, please contact