27 Nov

Sign-up Underway for Winter Institute Antitrust Symposium in Washington, D.C.

A panel of speakers will look at the growing monopoly power in the retailing and tech sector, with a focus on the extraordinary market dominance of Amazon.

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19 Nov

ABA Board Urges State Attorneys General to Investigate Amazon

The Board has sent letters to the attorneys general of each state calling for an investigation into Amazon’s monopolistic and anticompetitive conduct. 

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19 Nov

American Conservative, American Prospect Hold Bipartisan Antitrust Event

Three of the main themes discussed were: the U.S. government has failed to address monopolies; simply fining companies for wrongdoings does not go far enough; and monopolies impact nearly every industry.

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05 Nov

Ohio State Senate Holds Antitrust Hearings

The Ohio State Senate Judiciary Committee held two hearings in October to discuss updating the state’s antitrust law. The hearings featured prominent antitrust advocates and experts, including Barry Lynn of Open Markets Institute and David Chavern of News Media Alliance.

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31 Oct

Sign Up for ABA’s Winter Institute Antitrust Symposium in Washington, D.C.

Registration for the Antitrust Symposium, to be held January 21, sold out within 24 hours; based on the high demand, ABA is growing the program so more booksellers can attend.

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22 Oct

ABA Calls on State Attorneys General to Open Antitrust Investigation Into Amazon

In a comprehensive 22-page letter, ABA makes the case as to why Amazon is a burgeoning monopoly and provides a detailed review of Amazon’s anticompetitive conduct.

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09 Oct

Join ABA’s Advocacy Team at the Antitrust Symposium in Washington, D.C., During Wi15

Booksellers should mark their calendars for Tuesday, January 21, when ABA will present an Antitrust Symposium in D.C. in conjunction with the 2020 Winter Institute in Baltimore.

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28 Aug

ABA Provides DOJ Antitrust Division With Information Ahead of Its Big Tech Review

“It is clear that Amazon is able to use its dominance to manipulate market structures, suppress competition, and harm consumers and other stakeholders,” ABA wrote in an August 28 letter.

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07 Aug

New “Counterspeak” Episode Available Now

This episode of ABA’s free speech podcast features conversations with Jonathan Hamilt, co-founder of Drag Queen Story Hour, and Media Coalition Executive Director David Horowitz.

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24 Jul

U.S. Department of Justice Will Review Business Practices of Big Tech

The DOJ review could indicate a significant change in the department’s stance in antitrust enforcement.

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03 Jul

New “Counterspeak” Episode Available Now

This episode of ABA’s free speech podcast features Barry Lynn, executive director of the Open Markets Institute, and National Coalition Against Censorship Executive Director Chris Finan.

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18 Jun

House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing Into Anti-competitive Power of Big Tech

The committee heard from executives of News Corp. and the News Media Alliance, who discussed the power that platforms like Google and Facebook have over the way news today is delivered and consumed.

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05 Jun

Amazon Being Scrutinized for Antitrust Violations, Reports Say

The House of Representatives Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law opened an investigation into whether big tech companies are in violation of antitrust laws.

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24 Oct

ABA Advocacy Staff Visit Washington, D.C.

Dave Grogan and Maria Peroni met with free expression organizations and discussed antitrust enforcement and the implementation of economic nexus laws with key legislators.

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16 Oct

ABA Submits Comments to FTC on Amazon’s Predatory Practices

ABA’s comments explore how Amazon has exploited its dual roles as both a marketplace platform and a retailer to inhibit competition.

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