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30 Nov

New Report Provides Analysis on Amazon’s Negative Impact

A new report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance provides a comprehensive analysis of the negative impact of Amazon’s expansion and growing power — and what can be done to address its dominance.

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29 Nov

Sales Tax Update: Wyoming and Ohio

Wyoming and Ohio took steps in November to impose a tax on out-of-state businesses that lack a physical presence in the state.

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28 Sep

Updated Study Drives Home Amazon’s Negative Impact on Economy

On September 28, ABA and Civic Economics released a full update of their “Amazon and Empty Storefronts” study. The new data, from 2015, shows that Amazon’s negative impact on Main Streets is growing significantly worse.

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21 Sep

Amazon to Collect Sales Tax on D.C. Purchases

Amazon will begin collecting and remitting sales tax in Washington, D.C., in October. The decision appears to be related to Amazon’s desire to open a storefront location in the District.

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17 Aug

BTW News Briefs

B&N announces CEO’s departure; Amazon to start collecting sales tax in Alabama; PEN/Nabokov Award revived to honor international writers; Christian Robinson to illustrate 2017 Children’s Book Week poster; Sesame Street and Running Press team up

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06 Jul

Tennessee Looks to Adopt New Nexus Rule for Remote Sales

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is urging the state’s Department of Revenue to adopt a rule that would let the state collect sales tax from online companies that sell more than $500,000 annually in the state.

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21 Jun

Bookseller Feedback Wanted on Antitrust Action Kit

ABA is seeking feedback from booksellers who have used the Antitrust Action Kit to urge state or federal officials to investigate Amazon for antitrust violations.

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13 Jun

Booksellers Urged to Use Antitrust Action Kit to Contact Lawmakers

Booksellers who haven’t already adapted the Antitrust Action Kit’s easy-to-use templates to ask lawmakers to investigate Amazon’s business model for antitrust violations are encouraged to do so now.

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03 May

South Dakota Sues Remote Retailers Over Sales Tax, Retailers Sue South Dakota

Two groups are challenging each other over sales tax collection in South Dakota, but their goal is likely the same: To take U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy up on his invitation to legally define nexus in a technological era far different than when the court last considered the issue.

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19 Apr

Guest Column by Sarah Bagby in Wichita Business Journal Decries Amazon Subsidies

A guest column in the Wichita Business Journal by ABA Board member Sarah Bagby, of Watermark Books & Café, questions the state’s economic policy in providing an out-of-state competitor with subsidies.

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23 Mar

Louisiana Law Levels Playing Field for Main Street Retailers

Starting April 1, certain remote retailers will be required to collect and remit Louisiana sales tax, as a result of e-fairness legislation passed earlier this month.

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15 Mar

The King’s English’s Burton Rebukes Utah Lawmakers for Caving to Amazon

When Utah State Rep. Mike McKell withdrew an affiliate nexus sales tax fairness bill, ABA President Betsy Burton, the co-owner of The King’s English Bookshop, responded with an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune.

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02 Mar

Winter Institute’s New Localism Sessions Now on Video

Booksellers can now watch videos of three Winter Institute 11 sessions on the New Localism movement: “Amazon and Empty Storefronts,” “City Growth and Downtown Math,” and “The New Localism.”

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02 Mar

ABA Urges Federal and State Investigation of Amazon’s Business Practices

This week, ABA launched a national advocacy campaign with letters urging the U.S. Congress, the 50 state attorneys general, and the 50 state governors to investigate Amazon for violations of antitrust laws.

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23 Feb

Federal Court Upholds Constitutionality of Colorado Use Tax Law

On February 22, a federal appeals court overturned a lower court ruling that blocked Colorado from enforcing a law requiring out-of-state retailers to report use tax information to consumers and the Colorado Department of Revenue.

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