ABA Book Buyer's Handbook Update for the Week of July 28

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Below is a brief outline of the most significant recent changes to the ABA Book Buyer's Handbook online.

Booksellers are strongly encouraged to alert ABA of changing terms that come to their attention. Publishers are asked to inform ABA immediately of any changes to terms and contact information.

A form is available at http://handbook.bookweb.org/form.jsp that booksellers and publishers can use to report changing terms. Within the next month, the association will be launching the Publisher Administration section of the Handbook site, which will allow publishers to view and edit their listings online. All companies currently in the Handbook will receive a letter within the next few weeks, which will include their company access code.

Recent changes that have been made to the ABA Book Buyer's Handbook online:

Client Distribution Services has added Atrium Group; Carbon Press; Chimera Publishing, Ltd.; Filipacchi Publishing; John M. Hardy Publishing; Survival Books, Ltd. (UK); and Tokyopop to their distribution list.

Consortium Book Sales & Distribution has added Common Courage Press and Tupelo Press to their distribution list.

Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. has added the following publishers to its distribution list Alternative Comics; Antarctic Press; Archangel Studios; Avatar Press; ComicsOne; El Capitan; G.T. Labs; Gagne International Press; Graphics-sha Publishing Co., Ltd.; Guardians of Order; SQP; Toyspress.

DK Publishing, Inc.: retail and RDC sales policies effective August 1 have been added.

National Book Network, Inc. has added the following publishers to its distribution list: Audio Scholar; Bright Sky Press; Carriage House Publishing; Dillman Karate International; Gentle Revolution Press; Harbor House; Longwind Publishing; McBooks Press, Inc.; Phobos Books; Ruder-Finn Press; Spiro Press.

New Horizon Press is now distributed by Kensington Publishing Corporation.

Sound Feelings Press: Billing, ordering, shipping, and returns address has been changed to 18375 Ventura Blvd. #8000, Tarzana, CA 91356.

Weatherhill, Inc. has added the following publishers to its distribution list: A.E.R.; Art Stock; Benator; Best Friends Forever; Covos-day; Data Becker; Delano Greenidge; Floating Worlds Editions; Four Paws Press; Gambit Publications; Hoberman Collection; Human & Rousseau; Index Books; J.L. Van Schaik; James Li Publications; James McIntyre; Ken Duncan; King Street Press; Kitbridge Publishing; Madison Square Press; Mongrel International; Nippan Ips; Norfleet Press; Pilot Productions; Post Books; Regina Orthodox; Sater Design; Tankosha; Tomahawk Press; Vision On; Viva Center; Wakefield; Vilo International.

Listings to which more complete ordering and returns information has been added:

  • Embee Press Publications
  • Equality Press
  • Star Light Press

New Publisher Listings:

  • Advance Books Company
  • DayBue Publishing
  • Morningstar Communications, LLC
  • Rairarubia Books
  • Sakonnet Press
  • Writers' Collective