Book Sense Welcomes the Humanics Publishing Group

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Book Sense is pleased to welcome the Humanics Publishing Group as its newest Publisher Partner. Founded in 1976 by Gary Wilson, chairman, the company has three divisions including: Humanics Trade, Humanics Learning, and Humanics Psychological Test Corporation. Humanics is also the managing partner of the Limited Partnership of Humanics, publisher of children's fiction. All Humanics titles encourage growth of the human mind and spirit and, to continuously reach this goal, they recruit authors who are authorities in their fields.

Humanics Trade produces books directed to individuals seeking self-improvement and enlightenment in their lives. The range of subject matter in this division includes: health and wellness, somatic therapy, recovery, psychology, philosophy, religion, relationships, and sexuality. Recent titles include Playful Mind: Bringing Creativity to Life by Jim Downton, Jr., Ph.D., and The Tao of Calm: Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching Adapted for a New Age by Pamela Metz, Ph.D.

Humanics Learning publishes books for parents and teachers of children from birth through age eight years. Subject matter includes science, math, environmental concerns, appreciation of multiculturalism, weather, art, creativity, early reading, and letter and word recognition. Representational titles include Self-Esteem Activities: Giving Children from Birth to Six the Freedom to Grow by Angie Rose, Ph.D., and Lynn Weiss, Ph.D., and Children Around the World: A Multicultural Journey by Jane Hodges-Caballero, Ph.D.

Humanics Psychological Test Corporation produces testing material and administrative and record keeping forms for use in schools and child-care centers. Testing and measurement instruments are designed to gauge a child's readiness to enter the public educational system, as well as to identify developmental and learning disabilities at an early age. These forms allow institutions to document their efforts in providing services to institution funding sources and community oversight councils. Current titles include The Lollipop Test: A Diagnostic Screening Test for School Readiness by Alexander Chew, Ed.D.

Book Sense salutes the mission of the Humanics Publishing Group and welcomes them as a Publisher Partner.


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