Book Sense Welcomes a 'Worldly' Publisher Partner

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Book Sense is pleased to welcome World Almanac Books as the program’s newest Publisher Partner.

Headquartered in New York City, World Almanac Books is the publisher of The World Almanac & Book Of Facts and The World Almanac For Kids.

The World Almanac was first published by the New York World newspaper in 1868. Published just three years after the end of the Civil War and the assassination of President Lincoln, its 120 pages of information touched on such events as the process of the Reconstruction and the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson. In 1894, The World Almanac changed its name to The World Almanac and Encyclopedia. This was the title it kept until 1923, when it became The World Almanac and Book Of Facts, the name it bears today.

The World Almanac for Kids was first published in 1995, creating a unique niche in juvenile books: an annual information source specifically designed for kids. In eight years of annual publication, it has gone on to sell more than two million copies and appear on the New York Times and Publishers Weekly children’s bestseller lists.

Book Sense welcomes World Almanac Books to the growing family of Publisher Partners.


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