Count Down to e-Free Day

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Booksellers seeking to refresh their marketing efforts need look no further than IndieBound's Bookseller DIY, where they'll find a turnkey promotion for the first annual celebration of e-Free Day, on Saturday, April 17.

ABA created e-Free Day as an easy and fun way for booksellers to encourage customers to put down their electronic devices and pick up a book instead!

The Bookseller DIY features e-Free downloadable posters, bag stuffers, and a list of activity ideas that stores can use to create in-store events.

Join other booksellers who are taking this opportunity to cast their indie bookstore as the ideal antidote to digital overload.

Booksellers with questions about e-Free Day or any of the materials in the Booksellers DIY -- and those who use the promotion in their store -- are encouraged to contact ABA Marketing Manager Paige Poe.