Eat, Sleep, Read…Order! ChicoBag Offers Discount on Top Three IndieBound Slogans

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For a limited time, ChicoBag is offering the top three IndieBound slogans most requested by American Booksellers Association members printed on original-style bags for a special member price of $3.95 per unit, half the suggested retail price.

Available slogans are “Eat, Sleep, Read,” “Snack, Nap, Read,” and “Peace, Love, Books.” A limited run of each of these popular IndieBound catchphrases will be printed, so booksellers are encouraged to hurry up and order before they run out.

Fun, eco-friendly ChicoBags are compact, reusable, easy-to-stow, and manufactured from recyclable materials in Chico, California. The original ChicoBag, which measures 17 inches by 15 inches when unfolded, rolls up to fit into a 3-inch by 4-inch stuff pouch that comes with a carabiner.

This promotion also features a low minimum order quantity of 150 bags (suggested order is 50 of each slogan). The manager’s suggested retail price for this item is $7.99. Orders will be accepted now through May 31, or until the bags sell out. Deliveries will start August 1. 

As part of this special promotion, ChicoBag is offering a countertop display that holds 10 bags in their pouches or a hanging display that holds 25 bags.

ABA’s affinity program also offers other promotions on ChicoBags in a range of sizes and shapes that can be custom-printed on-demand with a bookseller’s choice of slogan.

To take advantage of this exclusive opportunity for ABA member booksellers, contact ChicoBag Channel Manager Crystal Viars at (530) 717-2158 or via e-mail at

To download a sell sheet for this program, click here