Extra Day for Book Sense Bestseller List Reporting After Labor Day

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By Carl Lennertz

Knowing that a Monday holiday means an extra hectic week for you, we’d like to experiment this coming September 3 with an extra day of reporting sales to the Book Sense Bestseller List.

We’ll extend the deadline 24 hours, to Tuesday at midnight (11:00 p.m. for BookScan reporters), and we hope to give you a break and maintain a high enough number of reporters to produce the best possible national list, and the most valid Regional lists. (We usually can’t do Regional lists the week of Monday holidays, due to low store numbers.)

This does mean the final lists will be issued 24 hours later, too, which we think you, the publishers, and the media will understand for one week here and there. However, this is not something we want to do regularly. Stores tell us they love the news back by Tuesday noon to jobber, and publishers need the latest info for any late Tuesday/early Wednesday marketing meetings.

So, please do report that Tuesday or earlier; the number of stores reporting weekly is steadily climbing, but the more that do, the better the lists. And please do consider the vastly easier Book Scan or ABA Upload methods. Easy step-by-step procedures written by booksellers are available on BookWeb.org at http://www.bookweb.org/read/5262, and you can always call Bill Cunningham here at (800) 637-0037, ext. 1211 for personal help.

We need you! And the publishers and media are watching and noticing our lists now, too … which is great! Please participate, and reap the benefits.