Indie Bookstores Celebrate National Poetry Month

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April is National Poetry Month, and independent booksellers around the country are taking to social media to celebrate by sharing new releases, recommendations, and more.

Here is just some of what booksellers had to say:

Poetry display at Oblong Books

Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, New York, posted to Instagram: “We are meditating on poetry this month, all month. Stop by our stores to find some inspiration. Hint: We think poetry is best when read outdoors.”

Amanda Gorman's The Hill We Climb

Bank Square Books and Savoy Bookshop in Mystic, Connecticut, and Westerly, Rhode Island, posted to Instagram: “@amandascgorman impressed many with her poised, powerful performance of this poem during the presidential inauguration! What better way to dip your toe into #nationalpoetrymonth than peeking at this slim little book? She has a full collection and a children's book coming out in September, and it's never too early to pre-order!”

Split Rock Poetry Display

Split Rock Books in Cold Spring, New York, posted to Instagram: “Migrating some poetry from the shelf to a display and ended up on the floor surrounded by a big pile of it, which is maybe the number one reason to own a bookstore. Who are you reading this month? Recs going up in our window and on the site today. #nationalpoetrymonth

Brick and Mortar Books Poetry Display

Brick and Mortar Books in Redmond, Washington, posted to Instagram: “April is National Poetry Month! Who are your favorite poets? Find old favorites or new voices in the store now, and be sure to let us know if you'd like any of these books placed on hold for you.”

DIESEL poetry celebration card

DIESEL, a Bookstore, posted to Instagram: “April is Poetry Month! We’ll be celebrating all month long by sharing videos of us reading some of our favorite poems. As Emily Dickinson says, 'If I read a book and it makes my whole body so cold no fire and warm me, I know that is poetry. If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.' So stay tuned for videos of us reading poetry that blows our heads off!”

River Dog book stack

River Dog Book Co. posted to Instagram: “Happy National Poetry Month!: A Story. In 2009, my sister wrote a paper while she was in college on Sylvia Plath. It was chosen to be presented at a conference. My mother and I, all 3 of us living in different states at the time, traveled to hear my sister present her paper. Since that time, I have sent my sister poetry. Every April, I sent her postcards with snippets of poems I had collected from poets new and old that she might like. I would get books of poetry signed to her from author events and ship them to her. I sent her poetry lists and memes and random related articles. Until 2019, in one of the most little-sistery moments ever, when she confessed to me that she DIDN’T REALLY LIKE POETRY ALL THAT MUCH, but hadn’t wanted to tell me because she had liked the attention. FOR A DECADE, I thought I was helping to feed her poetry habit! So, learn from me: double-check your poetry buddy really likes poetry before you waste a decade of your life sending them stuff that you would have been better off keeping for yourself instead. Also, if you need any poetry recommendations for #NationalPoetryMonth, hit us up!”

Seminary book stack

Seminary Co-op Bookstores in Chicago, Illinois, posted to Instagram: “Check out our new Front Table catalogue, which celebrates the work of small presses like @citylightsbooks. Founded by legendary painter, poet, and social activist Lawrence Ferlinghetti in 1955, City Lights continues to publish important works like EVERY DAY WE GET MORE ILLEGAL by Juan Felipe Herrera, the first Latino poet laureate of the United States.”

Source book stack

Source Booksellers in Detroit, Michigan, posted to Instagram: “April 2021 marks the 25th annual celebration of poets and poetry for @nationalpoetrymonth. We are looking forward [to an] online IG chat this Saturday 4/10. Join our Poetry Workshop Leader online mid month and Poem in your Pocket Day from a safe distance on April 29th.”