Indies First Spreads to Italy

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The Indies First movement started in the U.S. by author Sherman Alexie has spread to Venice, Italy.

The Venetian campaign will be replicated on the same day as the U.S. celebration –– November 30 –– and the event’s organizer, the writer and independent bookshop collective Venezia: City of Readers, is taking “concrete action” to support independent bookstores by actively inviting customers to visit each store to talk with the authors, browse books, and get a head-start on holiday shopping.

As ABA has done for Indies First U.S., the Italian collective has created an events map that points to the city’s independent bookstores and lists the authors that will be present on that day.

“You will appreciate all that the bookshops of Venice can provide,” reads the event description, “books, passion, service, parties, entertainment, friendship.”