Ingram’s Consumer Direct Fulfillment and IndieCommerce

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Using Ingram’s Consumer Direct Fulfilment 

For many IndieCommerce users who no longer have access to their store or need assistance processing their growing online sales, Ingram’s consumer direct fulfilment (CDF) has become a lifeline.

As the volume of IndieCommerce orders fulfilled by CDF has grown into the tens of thousands, bookstores are looking for more information about how this service works. IndieCommerce Senior Manager Geetha Nathan has put together a video that answers many questions about using CDF on your IndieCommerce website. View the video here.

In addition to the video, Matt Supko and the IndieCommerce team have also published a very informative webpage covering many questions booksellers might have about CDF.

A common question asked by stores using CDF for their website is, “Can I cancel or edit an order after it has been sent to Ingram?” The answer is no. Orders sent to Ingram cannot be modified and cannot be canceled from your IndieCommerce/IndieLite site. IndieCommerce staff do not have access to make these changes or cancellations for stores. Stores should handle these changes and cancellations directly with their customer. 

For pre-orders fulfilled by Ingram, stores can send cancellation requests to the IndieCommerce staff and we can send it to Ingram. These requests should come at least a week before the publication date. 

Booksellers who have reviewed the video and webpage and still have questions can email

Email Marketing Service Relief

In addition, a bookseller recently contacted IndieCommerce customer support to share that her store’s email marketing service provider, Mailchimp, had given her three months of free credit on her account. Rumors also indicate that Constant Contact may be making a similar offer to customers. While these offers do not appear to be publicized, booksellers are encouraged to speak with any service providers or vendors about accommodations.

Credit Card Processing Upgrade

Over the next two weeks, the team will start rolling out an upgrade to IndieCommerce and IndieLite stores that use the ABA’s account for online credit card processing. If your store has its own account, it will not be affected by this change. This is the first phase of a project that will take several months to complete. We are making these changes because of the dramatic increase in the number of transactions we are now processing. When completed, participating stores will see better reporting and greater anti-fraud capabilities. Updates to follow as work on this new system progresses.

Customer Support Update

IndieCommerce or IndieLite users who need support assistance should be aware of the following when contacting

Before contacting support: Review our help documents. Many of the questions we are now receiving are well-documented with step-by-step instructions in our Help Center.

Response time: Our normal response time for a non-urgent customer support ticket is currently within 48 hours. If you have an urgent matter, such as something that is stopping you from conducting business online (website down, shopping cart not working, can’t process orders, etc.), we are going to prioritize that ticket ahead of others. Do not resubmit a ticket that you have already submitted. All tickets are time-stamped and recorded. Submitting a duplicate ticket just slows down our ability to assist everyone.

Emailing IndieCommerce support: This is the best way to reach us and the fastest way to get your questions answered. The correct email address is Include your name, phone number, store’s name, and a brief explanation of the issue you are having. Put “URGENT” in the subject line if the problem is stopping you from conducting business online, otherwise a customer support representative will reply to you within 48 hours.

Phone calls: We prefer emails sent to Our call volume is extremely high right now. If you call us, you will probably get our voicemail. Leave your name, a phone number where we can reach you, store name, and a brief description of the issue you are calling about. All incoming voicemails are converted to emails and forwarded to customer support staff within seconds. There is no need to keep calling ABA extensions and leaving the same message on multiple voicemails. Please do not call individual staff members. The customer support phone numbers to call are: (914) 406-7500 (option 2) or 800-637-0037 (option 2).