June 10 Application Deadline for Scholarships to Winter Institute 2020

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Booksellers have until Monday, June 10, to submit their application for a scholarship to the American Booksellers Association’s 15th annual Winter Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, which will run from January 21–24, 2020.

Baltimore Member stores that have not attended ABA’s Winter Institute in the past seven years are eligible for a scholarship to the 2020 event. Bookstores can have up to three applicants, and owners and managers are asked to encourage staff members to apply; booksellers must have their owner or manager’s permission to submit an application.

Recognizing the high value that stores place on the event, ABA wants to take this step to make the Winter Institute available to as many stores as possible, and to help facilitate a more diverse attendee base while offering educational and networking opportunities to booksellers who hope to make a career in the industry.

The scholarships are open to regular ABA member bookstores in good standing, and booksellers can apply on the Winter Institute 15 scholarship form on BookWeb.org. Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. ET on Monday, June 10. Winning stores will be contacted directly if they have been selected, and the winning names will be announced in August 2019.