Kobo Updates: New Materials Available

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In response to members who have expressed the need to provide customers with more product information regarding the availability of Kobo products at their bookstores, the American Booksellers Association has created materials that outline bookstores’ partnership with Kobo to drive online sales.

Countercards have been created and can be found in the Kobo section of Bookweb’s Designs and Downloads page to be printed and prominently displayed in bookstores. The informational sheet gives customers step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Kobo account with the bookstore. There are two separate files: one for stores selling eBooks only, and one for stores that also carry Kobo devices. An editable field on the bottom of the pages allows a store to insert its own website’s URL. Both cards come in five different colors to match the store’s scheme.

As a simple way to use a bookstore’s physical space to direct customers online, booksellers are encouraged to download the eBook shelftalker, also available on the Designs and Downloads page, to indicate that a book on the shelf is an available as an eBook.

Booksellers selling Kobo eBooks and devices should keep in mind that Kobo eReaders and eBooks have been featured in a national brand campaign on NPR that began on June 3, and will continue until the end of 2013. Booksellers are encouraged to share customer feedback regarding sales or interest gained from the NPR campaign by e-mailing [email protected].

As a reminder, it’s not too late to participate in the summer Kobo Mini sale, which continues through July 18. To spur in-store interest, a promotional poster is available in Designs and Downloads. Booksellers should also be aware that Kobo will be sending e-mails about the sale directly to customers, and directing them to the indie store finder.

The reporting deadline for bookstores participating in the Mini promotion is August 5. For stores that participated in the Father’s Day Arc promotion, the deadline for reporting your sales is Monday, July 8. Please report sales and upload documentation in the Kobo Reporting Tool.

ABA members are able to stay on top of all things Kobo by visiting the Kobo Announcement Archive on Bookweb.