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The new year is quickly approaching, and many booksellers might be thinking of ways to improve their business. Or, they might be wondering what exactly it is they want to do in the new year. Whether one is overwhelmed by possibility or not quite sure where to begin, the ABA Education page offers member booksellers videos, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and more from a variety of sessions, seminars, and featured talks.

Bookselling This Week has compiled a list of some of the most helpful recent education resources and matched them with a potential resolution to jumpstart the new year. From managing time and finances to establishing a personal literary canon, these resources can give booksellers a starting point for what to focus on in their next year of bookselling.

Take a look below at some of the different types of resolutions booksellers might have, and what education resource would be a helpful place to begin.

Getting Finances Under Control

Resolving to learn more about bookstores finances in general, or need a refresher? Check out: Principles of Bookstore Finance Seminar

Looking to cut down on certain costs to boost your store’s bottom line? Check out: Operations & Finances: Small Acts for Financial Gain and Lower Your Cost of Goods

Planning to use co-op to save money? Find more here: Operations & Finances: Utilizing Co-op

Wondering how to create a marketing budget you can stick to? Check out: How to Determine Your Marketing Budget

Resolving to submit to ABACUS? Check out: Using ABACUS as a Budgeting Tool

Expanding Your Store’s Reach

Thinking of launching a book subscription service? Check out: Buying & Selling: Subscription Boxes

Trying to fit in on #Bookstagram? Or hoping to generally expand your social media reach? Check out: Advanced Bookselling & Special Topics: Expanding Your Brand as a #Bookstagram Influencer with Hafsah Faizal and Take Your Social Media to the Next Level: Strategic Best Practices for Retail and E-commerce Businesses

Want your website to be top notch? Start with IndieCommerce’s list of best practices.

Planning to host more events? Trying to get the author you’ve always wanted in-store? Check out: Advanced Bookselling & Special Topics: Author Event Grids, Events University (AM): In Store and Off Site Author Events, and Events University (PM): Festivals

Reading More Widely

Want to read more translated books and sell them in-store? Take a look at: Buying & Selling: Books in Translation and Selling International and Diverse Books: Panel with Bookselling Without Borders Alumni & Organizers

Looking to discover new legendary authors? Start here: Author in Focus: Why James Baldwin Always Matters, Presented by Casey Gerald and Robin Coste Lewis With the National Book Foundation

Planning to emphasize diversity on your shelves and in-store? Check out: Conducting a Diversity Audit, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Representation in Store Culture and Why It Matters, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Representation in Publishing: Why it Matters and Where Publishing is Headed

Managing Time

Aiming to simplify task management? Start with this Technology Meetup: Task Management/Staff Communication Tools

Hoping to plan better? Check out: How to be a Highly Effective Bookseller, Manager, or Buyer

Getting Out There and Partnering With Local Businesses

Thinking of organizing a local bookstore crawl or creating a different multi-store event? Check out this Marketing Meetup: Organizing and Marketing Multi-Store Events Part One and Part Two

Planning to work with more schools? Check out: Programming & Partnerships: Working with Title 1 Schools

A BookWeb username and password are required to access items found on the Education Resources page on BookWeb (booksellers needing login information can e-mail [email protected]).