New Enhancements Make Manual Bestseller Reporting Easier

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ABA recently launched a new set of features on the Book Sense Bestseller List reporting Web site,, designed to simplify the reporting process for booksellers who choose the manual-entry method each week.

Reporters now have the option of sorting their sales by ISBN, quantity, title, or entry-order. By clicking the new buttons at the top of each column, the data will automatically be rearranged into the selected order in that category. Items can even be sorted on the fly; there is no need to save and submit the data before sorting. The new sorting features are available on both the data-entry and review pages.

These enhancements, which were created based on feedback from booksellers, are part of ABA's ongoing commitment to making bestseller reporting as quick and easy as possible.

In addition to manual entry, there are two automated reporting options: the ABA file-upload method and through Nielsen BookScan. Both options allow users to create files in their point-of-sale computer systems, which are then electronically sent to the bestseller system without requiring manual entry of title information by the user. Additionally, reporters who opt to use Nielsen BookScan's service receive a free weekly breakdown of the bestselling titles in their area.

More than ever, it is crucial for all stores with Book Sense to become Bestseller List reporters. Publishers already look to the Book Sense Bestseller lists as an accurate barometer of trends within the independent bookselling community, and consumer awareness of the bestseller lists (and the Book Sense program in general) is growing rapidly. In fact, the Book Sense Bestseller lists are regularly featured in over 80 newspapers, magazines, television programs, and Internet media publications nationwide. If more reporters participate each week, the lists can have an even greater impact on the bookselling and publishing industries.

For more information about becoming a reporter, to get technical support about any aspect of reporting, or to offer feedback and suggestions, call (800) 637-0037 ext. 1211, or send an e-mail to [email protected]. --Bill Cunningham