Other Tiger Crosses the River to Serve Customers After Flooding

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Eastern Connecticut is drying out from last week's record-setting rains, but it will take time to repair all the damage caused by flooding. In the meantime, Westerly, Rhode Island, bookstore Other Tiger is keeping its Connecticut customers supplied with books.

Other Tiger, located just on the Rhode Island side of the state line, draws many of its customers from nearby Connecticut towns. But those customers no longer have easy access to their bookstore, since the main bridge over the Pawcatuck River is closed indefinitely, until the flood damage can be evaluated and repaired. In the meantime, Other Tiger is going to its customers.

"We decided to offer free home delivery to our customers in Connecticut until the bridge reopens," said Robert Utter, partner at Other Tiger. "We want to remind our faithful customers in Connecticut how much we love them, and will show our devotion by continuing to get books into their hands even if we have to swim across the river."

Other Tiger did not suffer flood damage, but it had no electricity for three days after the rainstorm. "We managed to open and operate under solar lighting and flashlights for one of those days," Utter said. --Sarah Rettger