Reminder: Sign Up to Be Part of “Booksellers of America” Social Media Campaign

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The “Booksellers of America” social media campaign, which debuted last fall, is currently taking sign-ups from American Booksellers Association member bookstores that would like to be featured in upcoming posts. 

BOA logoBooksellers of America is a platform to share the stories of the diverse people who own, manage, and hand-sell books in independent bookstores across the country. The campaign aims to illustrate the work that indie bookstores do for their communities and engage the next generation of career booksellers and local shoppers to come.

Campaign stories appear on dedicated Instagram and Facebook pages that anyone can follow and use the hashtag #BooksellersofAmerica.

The Booksllers of America sign-up form asks participants to supply a photo and to reflect on their career in the bookselling industry, identify what they love about their jobs, and share significant or funny memories from their time in the business.

Responses may be edited for length and/or clarity. ABA’s social media team, Two Cats Communications, will be in touch to confirm receipt of submissions and they will also send an e-mail to the featured bookseller on the day their story is posted.

Questions about the campaign can be directed to [email protected].