Scholastic Launches "Read for Life" Campaign

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In December, Scholastic launched a marketing campaign to promote books as a source of understanding, comfort, and connection. The "Read for Life" campaign -- featuring original artwork by Harry Potter illustrator Mary Grand Pré -- is a part of a continuing outreach by Scholastic in the aftermath of September 11, and it carries the message "Read for Comfort ... Read for Closeness ... Read for Life" to convey the idea that it is good for parents and kids to read together at all times, but especially in times of stress.

As part of the campaign launch, national radio spots and print ads were placed beginning December 10, addressing the importance of reading with children as a way to offer closeness and comfort.

Grand Pré's painting for the "Read for Life" campaign shows the Statue of Liberty reading to a circle of children. It has been reproduced as a poster with a resource guide for parents and caregivers on how to teach children ways to cope with life's stresses by using reading and books, along with suggested age-appropriate titles. Scholastic is distributing 700,000 copies of the poster and guide free of charge to school administrators, teachers, parents, and caregivers through Scholastic Book Clubs and Scholastic Book Fairs, as well as through additional special mailings to schools and booksellers nationwide. (Bookstores can also contact their local Scholastic rep for a copy of the poster and guide.)

"Wonderful stories can help children understand the world, develop trust in others, and connect with loved ones," said Barbara Marcus, Scholastic's president of children's books. "The 'Read for Comfort ... Read for Closeness ... Read for Life' campaign is designed to help caring adults understand how they can use all kinds of books and reading materials, from picture books to fantasy to nonfiction, to develop children's ability to cope when tested, and to find pleasure any time."