76 Mentions in Publisher Advertising on the Rise

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by Carl Lennertz

It is a credit to the independents who have put their heart and soul into the Book Sense program that publishers have recognized its impact on sales and are, more and more, mentioning a book’s Book Sense 76 status in national advertising. Time Warner even put the Book Sense logo in EVERY ad they ran for a year.

As I’ve noted in recent e-mails, three ads in the June 2 New York Times Book Review mentioned the 76, and two in this coming Sunday’s issue do, too. Many publishers, including St. Martin’s, Tor, Harper, Morrow, Wiley, Grove, Houghton, Hyperion, Talk/Miramax, and others did this throughout the past year, and Random House put "Booker Prize Finalist/Book Sense 76 Pick" in equal-size type in the ads for Ian McEwan’s Atonement. It was great to see that proximity!

And news just in that Overlook will tout The Company’s 76 status in a major ad campaign they are doing before Father’s Day. Here’s a list of publications that will run ads:

  • New York Times
  • Los Angeles Times Book Review
  • USA Today
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Washington Post Book World
  • Washington Times
  • San Diego Union-Tribune Book World
  • Boston Globe
  • Miami Herald
  • Houston Chronicle
  • Dallas Morning News
  • The New Yorker
  • New York Observer

Again, thank you, to our publisher partners!