Are You Still Blue?

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Or, Get the New Gold Gift Certificates!

By Carl Lennertz

Bear with me; this is a "5!" plea from me. It’s that important.

Short version: Many of you still have the old blue Book Sense Gift Certificates from the first year! Switch to the new gold ones, my friends! SO, SO, SO much better. Just e-mail Linda Ford at [email protected] with your fax number, and she will send you a quick form to fill out about destroying the old ones, etc. There is no charge for switching designs!

OK, here’s the long version: The "ol’ blue" as we call ’em were our first-year misfire on the gift certificates. Just not purty, and no room for your store stamp. We heard your feedback, designed a new certificate in 2000, and it has a big spot for your store stamp or logo, making it your gift certificate AND the national one. Many stores read our pleas and letters to order the new gold ones … AND … THOSE THAT HAVE THE NEW GOLD ONES HAVE SEEN INCREASED SALES!!

In every store I visit where gift certificate sales have been slow, invariably the original blue book of certificates is still under the counter. I beg of you to contact Linda about getting up to speed with the gold Book Sense Gift Certificates, and take advantage of the potentially millions of $$ that could flow towards independent booksellers but is currently going to the chains. It’s working already; don’t miss out.

[email protected]