Book Cash Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Book Cash?

Book Cash is a nationwide promotional program coordinated by The Properties Group. Book Cash promotions have been designed as purchase incentives for consumers (such as Minute Maid's and Hi-C's Harry Potter check) and sweepstakes gifts (such as Coca-Cola's Santa Claus check). The New York Times checks are being distributed to 20,000 consumers as a retention effort for new Times subscribers. Book Cash will raise awareness of BOOK SENSE as well as potentially increase consumer traffic and sales at independent bookstores.

Each New York Times Book Cash check is valid for $10.00. The back of the New York Times Book Cash Checks will have a list of participating retailers, which includes: "Book Sense Stores" and "Independent Bookstores with Book Sense" with the Book Sense toll-free phone number and the address to help consumers find locations. Book Cash checks will have an expiration date of January 31, 2003.

How can I sign my store up for Book Cash?

Any ABA member store with Book Sense is automatically part of the program.

How will Book Cash help me?

Book Cash can drive traffic into your store and will increase national awareness of Book Sense because the back of checks lists 1-888-BOOKSENSE and

What do I do when a customer comes into my store with a Book Cash check?

Accept it as you would a personal check or a traveler's check and collect any other money due to complete the sale. Deposit the Book Cash check into your bank account as you would the other checks. Store owners and managers are strongly encouraged to brief all frontline staff about the program to avoid confusion and insure a smooth consumer transaction. Place signs in the store, particularly at the cash-wrap, noting "Book Cash Accepted Here." A decal for the store's front door or window was mailed to all stores in the December 2002 Book Sense white box. Decals are also available upon request. Contact Jill Perlstein via e-mail at [email protected], or call (800) 637-0037, ext. 1283. Please see specific cashier handling instructions below.

When will I see customers with Book Cash checks?

It's expected that the soonest consumers will come to stores via the New York Times promotion would be mid-August.

(Please post in your bookstore.)

  1. Check all book cash certificates for the Book Cash logo and the authorized signature of John S. Galinos.
  2. Verify the expiration date on the check. No expired checks should be accepted.
  3. After the cashier rings up the total purchase, including sales tax, he or she should process the check towards the purchase in the same manner as a traveler's check or a regular check. (No ID is required.) No change is to be given back to the consumer.
  4. The cashier must deposit the check into the store's bank account. All Book Cash checks must be deposited seven days after the expiration of the check itself. (For example, if the Book Cash check expires 12/31/02, the check must be deposited by 1/7/03. It is better to deposit checks on a nightly basis.