The Future is Indie, The Presents Are Now

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The Presents Are NowAs winter ushers in the holiday season, our year-long campaign extends to welcome the festive spirit — “Future is Indie, The Presents Are Now” campaign. This heartwarming initiative encourages book lovers to embrace the charm of independent bookstores for their holiday shopping, inspiring community and connection while supporting the literary haven in their neighborhoods.

This holiday season, customers are asked to rediscover the joy of browsing physical and digital shelves curated with thoughtfully handpicked titles from real booksellers. From timeless classics to quirky contemporary novels, these local treasures ensure that every gift unwrapped is filled with authenticity and care.

The campaign offers an uplifting reminder that the best presents are those that go beyond the material — the gift of an engaging story, the thrill of discovery, and the connection shared when exchanging a well-loved book. With the “Future is Indie, The Presents Are Now” campaign, customers can make this holiday season truly magical, not just for their loved ones but for the entire community.

The time to shop local for the holidays is now, because the future truly is indie.

Campaign marketing assets created by ABA are now available, including digital assets, in-store displays, and recommended messaging for newsletters and social media. 

As a bonus, celebrate the Icelandic flood of books holiday with these Jólabókaflóð event ideas and updated assets.

While these assets provide a consistent brand for independent bookstores, booksellers can customize the messaging for their respective stores’ needs.

Visit the Marketing Assets page on now to download these new designs.