LIBRIS Provides Internet Operations Insurance Coverage

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Internet sales are integral to many bookstores' operations, and LIBRIS (League of Independent Book Retailer Insurance Services) understands that. Following last month's Winter Institute, where much of the focus was on how to promote online and e-book sales, several booksellers asked LIBRIS to clarify the coverage provided by ABA's insurance program. 

LIBRIS was developed to provide specialized coverage tailored to protect bookstores -- and that means insuring against Internet operations liability.

Many insurance companies exclude publishing operations, which could be interpreted to include publishing a website or e-newsletter. These insurance companies usually want a bookstore to buy a separate Internet liability policy, or they may want to know what activities the bookstore is considering and then will charge an additional premium.

LIBRIS' general liability policy covers risks associated with designing a website for the bookstore, adding and creating content, creating and distributing e-newsletters, or advertising on the Internet. LIBRIS covers these risks, including allegations that such a publication:

  • Slanders or libels a person or organization
  • Disparages a person's or organization's goods, products or services
  • Violates a person's right of privacy
  • Uses another's advertising idea in your advertisement or
  • Infringes upon another's copyright, trade dress or slogan

In addition to providing members with the broadest insurance coverage at the most competitive cost, LIBRIS offers quick, responsive service as well as the opportunity to share in dividends when they are declared. Coverage is provided through Travelers/Discover Re, one of the few carriers in the country rated A+ by A.M. Best. The program has special endorsements available only through LIBRIS to cover the unique operations of booksellers.

Booksellers or their brokers can obtain a no-obligation quote from LIBRIS by calling (888) 694-8585, e-mailing [email protected], or visiting