Technology Meetup Recap: Ingram iPage

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On Tuesday, March 3, the American Booksellers Association presented a Technology Meetup that focused on using Ingram’s iPage for book orders and featured a demonstration from Ingram’s Marsha Wood. Booksellers should visit the Education Resources Page on to view a recording of the session; a BookWeb login is required. 

iPage is Ingram’s easy-to-use online search, order, and account management platform; retailers can use the platform as a comprehensive source for complete title information, product images, stock status, and more. 

Wood’s demo covered some of iPage’s key features. Here are some of the highlights from the session: 

  • On the homepage, booksellers can display lists such as the New York Times bestseller list and Ingram Top Demand. Booksellers can also display shortcuts to different links, as well as shopping carts and other widgets. 
  • Booksellers can use the search function to find titles. Titles can be sorted by “Ingram Demand,” which brings the best-selling titles to the top.

    • When booksellers find the title they’re searching for, they are brought to a title description screen that lists information such as the book’s format, publication date, BISAC categories, and more. This page also includes reviews and an option to email the title. 
    • This page also has a quick-order cart, which booksellers can add titles to. Booksellers can also add titles to selection lists on this page.
  • Booksellers can browse by book category. Results can be refined by warehouse, age group, genre, publication date, and more. Booksellers can also browse by industry lists and picks. 
  • Under the browse tab, booksellers can also search by gifts, games, and sidelines. 
  • Titles labeled “street smart” have not yet been published.
  • On the homepage, booksellers can access the “orders” tab, which houses information about their orders.

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