Thursday Tip, Sleeper Alerts, and … a Movie Rec??

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By Carl Lennertz

Tip of the Week: Booksellers are reporting that they have had great success tucking a copy of the current 76 flier into titles waiting on the hold/special order shelf.

Sales News: Here's an update from data gathered from 350 indies. (Booksellers: Some of this information went out by e-mail Tuesday; let me know if you're not getting that e-mail, along with the national list and the "On the Rises." Publishers: Let me know if you're not getting the list on Tuesday.)

Hardcover Fiction:

  • First week out: #32 Ash Wednesday, Ethan Hawke (Knopf, $22.95, 037541326X) -- and it's #13 on the NEBA list already.
  • Steady week in and week out: #22 Social Crimes, Jane Stanton Hitchcock (Talk Miramax Books, $22.95, 0786868155).
  • A sleeper to watch: #74 Himalayan Dhaba, Craig Joseph Danner (Dutton, $23.95, 052594690X) -- self-published 76 pick that got a contract with Dutton; just out -- powerful book; don't miss it. It's #12 on the PNBA list, as he's local, but this is NOT a regional book; good for tout!

Regional News:

  • #12 on the NEBA list and in the 30s nationally: Must Love Dogs, Claire Cook (Viking, $23.95, 0670031062) -- a 76 pick.
  • #30 on the NEBA list: Meet John Trow, Thomas Dyja (Viking, $24.95, 0670030996) -- a 76 pick.
  • #24 on the SEBA list: With a Woman's Voice: A Writer's Struggle for Emotional Freedom, Lucy Daniels (Madison Books, $27.95, 1568332505) -- Guggenheim Fellow and author of Caleb, My Son.

Trade Paper Fiction: All these titles have, for four or five weeks, been running just below the top 15 due to all the other great summer reads, not budging, but very much worth watching:

  • Choke, Chuck Palahniuk (Anchor, $13, 0385720920) -- It is in the top 15 on two regional lists.
  • A 76 pick from a small press, doing well: #31 on the SEBA list: A Place Called Wiregrass, Michael Morris (RiverOak, $14.99, 1589199669).

Trade Paper Nonfiction: Titles to watch:

  • Steady week in and out: #38 on the list, Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World, Rita Golden Gelman (Three Rivers, $14, 0609809547).

And Don't Forget:

  • There's a nice sleeper on Midwest list, just out: Desperation Entertaining!, Beverly Mills, Alicia Ross (Workman, $14.95, 0761118152).
  • Mass market: Just a note to observe that Janet Evanovich has seven of the top 50 mass-market spots! OK, OK. Mr. Tolkein has a few, too, and what's up with recent resurgence for Princess Bride?
  • Kids' books: Daniel Pinkwater on NPR still does the trick. This book jumped on our list right after Dan and Scott Simon read this aloud a few weekends back: #11, The Story of Little Babaji, Helen Bannerman, Fred Marcellino (Illus.), Trophy, $7.95.

And a movie rec? And for a movie that was absolutely stupid ... AND a must see! Huh? Go see Country Bears, just for the music (John Hiatt original songs) and the scene in the middle at the bar. Really. Total fluff, but great for kids, and for you, the music and a wink or two at adults. But the bar scene is worth it alone.

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