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14 Jan

Still Time to Make Appointments for Consultation Station

Winter Institute attendees who are putting their travel plans in place should be sure to make appointments to meet with representatives of ABA’s affiliated business solution partners, POS vendors, and other service providers that match their stores’ needs.

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07 Jan

Sue Monk Kidd Talks About The Invention of Wings, January’s #1 Indie Next List Pick

Sue Monk Kidd, the author of The Invention of Wings, discusses her research and writing processes, the challenge of entwining fact and fiction, and the importance of women finding their own voices.

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08 Jan

Staying Informed Crucial to Success of IndieCommerce Upgrade

As the upgrade to Drupal 7 gets underway, IndieCommerce stores are urged to update their contact information to ensure they will receive targeted upgrade-specific communications that will keep them informed about each step of the process.

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30 Dec

Don't Miss an Indie Next Nomination Deadline

Owners and managers are encouraged to post the list of 2014 Indie Next List deadlines in their stores’ backroom or wherever reading copies and ARCs are kept to encourage staff to nominate the titles they will be enthusiastically handselling in the coming months.

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17 Dec

Bestseller Reporting Especially Important During Holiday Season

As the year comes to an end and bookstores are at their busiest, it is crucially important that booksellers continue to report to the Indie Bestseller Lists to demonstrate the power of independents to the industry as a whole.

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19 Dec

The Cottage Book Shop Celebrates All Things Local

In a resort community whose population more than doubles in the summer months, Barbara Siepker has nurtured a book shop and a nonprofit publishing company that celebrate permanence and the area she calls home.

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18 Dec

Kids’ Right to Read Project Responds to Big Increase in Book Challenges

The Kids’ Right to Read Project has been confronting an unusually high number of challenges to titles in libraries and classrooms around the country in 2013. In November alone, KRRP investigated three times the average number of incidents.

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17 Dec

Retail Sales at Bookstores Slip in October

October retail sales at bookstores were down by one percent compared to October 2012, according to preliminary figures recently released by the Bureau of the Census.

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11 Dec

Williams College Seeks Indie Bookseller Input for College Store

Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, is asking independent bookstores to offer their visions for a bookstore/campus store associated with the college.

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12 Dec

Kids’ Right to Read Project Helps Lift Ban on Bless Me, Ultima

The school district superintendent in Driggs, Idaho, has apologized for banning Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me, Ultima from the 10th grade English curriculum.

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