Revisit ABA’s “Top 10 Things to Know About…” Series for Fourth-Quarter Tips

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To help indie booksellers in the critical fourth quarter, in September 2020 the American Booksellers Association launched a webinar series on the “Top 10 Things to Know About…”

Booksellers can visit the “Top 10 Things to Know About…” page on BookWeb now to see the top 10 tips for each topic covered; in addition, booksellers can review the videos, handouts, and BTW writeups of the events. Here are the links:

Buying Monthly

Ordering Calendars and Nonreturnables

Curbside Pickup and Delivery Services

Managing Cash Flow

Improving Operational Workflow

Leveraging Customer and Sales Data

ABA’s Fall Marketing Campaigns

Creating Safe and Profitable Virtual Events

Non-Violent Communication & De-escalation Workshop

Non-Violent Communication & De-escalation Companion Workshop for Physical Empowerment Self-Defense 101

Morale-Boosters and Self-Care