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11 Mar

Wi15 Education: IndieCommerce for Small Stores

ABA offers two state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions, IndieCommerce and IndieLite, to help booksellers step into the world of e-commerce.

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04 Mar
A display of books at Escape Pod Comics

Welcome to ABA: Escape Pod Comics

After seven years in business, owner Menachem Luchins decided to join ABA at the beginning of 2020 “to focus on moving forward as a business and store.”

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04 Mar
ABA Education logo

Wi15 Education: Innovation Arena

A special session at Winter Institute celebrated innovations within the bookselling industry as three booksellers gave individual presentations on a range of topics that highlighted the impact stores can make on their communities and the larger world.

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26 Feb
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Wi15 Education: Pre-Order Campaigns

Pre-order sales now account for between three and 30 percent of overall sales, which indicates that many sales are occurring before the book even arrives in the store.

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24 Feb

Wi15 Education: Your Bookstore’s Podcast

In this session, panelists discussed how to decide if a podcast makes sense for a bookstore, different philosophies regarding the creation of content, and the best recording equipment and editing software.

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18 Feb

Wi15 Education: “Together in Courageous Conversation: Politics of Curation”

A panel of booksellers spoke about the challenges of curating inventory for their stores and how each decides what books to carry. 

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19 Feb
Winter Institute 15 logo

Wi15 Education: “Operations: Time Management for the Small Store”

The panelists encouraged booksellers to discover their own time management system while focusing on organizational tactics, prioritization, and the use of resources.

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