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13 Nov

Want to be Featured in BookWeb’s Bookstore Showcase?

A new section of ABA’s homepage profiles stores that are active on Instagram. Booksellers can submit their store for consideration by sending in three photos and a short description of their store.

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31 Oct

Booksellers Get Spooky on Social Media for Halloween

Booksellers are celebrating Halloween 2018 with creative book displays, themed window decorations, and festive events.

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31 Oct

“Booksellers of America” Social Media Campaign Debuts

Booksellers of America is a platform to share the stories and experiences of the diverse people who own, manage, and hand-sell books in the more than 2,400 independent bookstores across the nation.

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17 Oct

Around Indies

Harvey’s Tales, Turn the Page, The Book Bungalow open; Ferguson Books to open second location; Country Bookshop, Third Place celebrate anniversaries; Local news features interviews with Astoria Bookshop, Inklings Bookshop staff; Architectural Digest names best indie stores in each state; Hoodline highlights top bookstores in Denver, Cambridge

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09 Oct

Virtual Roundtable Offers Insight Into Using Social Media for Customer Acquisition

During the discussion, three booksellers discussed the different types of social media platforms they use, what kind of content they post, and how they have increased follower engagement over time.

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01 Oct

Sign Up Now for Virtual Marketing Roundtable on Social Media

The October 4 video conference on using social media to increase customers and drive sales, part of a series of educational roundtables held every other Thursday, will feature four experienced bookseller panelists.

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27 Sep

BTW Presents a Roundup of 2018 #HarperCollinsLovesIndies Facebook Live Videos

Booksellers can check out these 38 videos from bookstores that have already taken part in the program this year, which was created to allow booksellers to give viewers a virtual tour of their stores.

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24 Sep

“Booksellers of America” Social Media Campaign Aims to Expand the Conversation Around Bookselling

The new campaign will interview independent booksellers from across the country to tell the story of how each independent bookstore is unique in its own way, thanks to those store’s employees.

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20 Sep

Upcoming Virtual Marketing Roundtable to Focus on Social Media

The October 4 roundtable on using social media to increase customers and drive sales, part of a series of educational roundtables held every other Thursday, will feature four experienced bookseller panelists.

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11 Sep

Ci6 Education: Amplifying Your Presence on Social Media With Eva Chen

At the sixth annual ABC Children’s Institute, Eva Chen gave booksellers tips and tricks on how to make their store Instagram accounts stand out. 

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16 Aug

Social Media Consultants Offer Best Practices for Replying to Online Comments

Sarah Benoit of JB Media Group and Mary Cate Stevenson and Noah Nofz of Two Cats Communications spoke with BTW about how booksellers can best reply to comments on social media and review sites.

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07 Aug

Lemmy the Llamacorn Travels to Bookstores Nationwide

“Lemmy is an avid reader,” according to Scholastic’s Nikki Mutch, who told BTW about Lemmy’s adventures. “If you leave him in the store overnight, you might find a pile of books next to a comfy chair the next morning.”

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31 Jul

Belletrist Book Club Highlights Indie Bookstores on Instagram and Beyond

Belletrist, the online book club curated by actress Emma Roberts and her best friend Karah Preiss, highlights a different indie bookstore and a different book each month on social media and on their website.

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24 Jul

White Birch Books Leads Video Shelf-Talker Challenge #IndieYoureNext

Nichole Cousins of White Birch Books in North Conway, New Hampshire, has helped establish the #IndieYoureNext community on social media, which encourages booksellers to post short video book reviews and then tag others to do the same.

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17 Jul

Social Media and Content Marketing Basics for Booksellers: Take $50 Off

The self-guided online course from Sarah Benoit of JB Media Group offers strategies and best practices to take control over and enhance store websites, improve online presence, and attract and engage more customers.

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