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25 Mar

Toadstool Surveys Customers on E-Reading Habits

Toadstool Bookshops owner Willard Williams recently found out what more than 400 of his customers think about e-books and e-readers.

Williams received more than 400 responses to an online survey sent to customers of his three New Hampshire bookstores. Among the key findings: Ten percent of the survey respondents own e-readers. In addition to asking customers whether they own e-readers, the survey also asked questions about e-books, the store's e-commerce site, and the physical bookstores.

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18 Mar

Bookstores Give High Marks to Community Coupons

Some bookstores are learning that it takes a village -- or at least an online community -- to make advertising effective.

Common Good Books and Green Apple Books have tried online group coupon services in recent weeks, and both consider the experiments a success. "I think we will try it again," said Common Good Books manager Sue Zumberge. "It worked out really well."

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11 Mar

Going Back to the Real World!

Who doesn't like free? IndieBound is launching the first annual celebration of e-Free Day on Saturday, April 17. A unique promotional idea for bookstores, e-Free Day encourages customers to take a vacation from e-mails, status updates, tweets, chirps, and pings. The new marketing campaign casts indie bookstores as the ideal antidote to consumers' digital overload.

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11 Mar

The Booksmith Says Swap This Book

Praveen Madan of San Francisco's The Booksmith often brainstorms and writes about how indie bookstores can find new ways to "bring people together to talk about books and ideas." One idea that has caught on is Bookswap, an event that's gotten notice everywhere from the New York Times to book blogs.

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11 Mar

Community Experts Leave Their Mark at the Bookstore

"If there's one thing local bookstores have," said Bookshop Santa Cruz owner Casey Coonerty Protti, it's a knowledge of experts within their communities. Coonerty Protti has put this expertise to work through Bookshop Santa Cruz's Trusted Source Program.

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20 May

Spotlight on Roundtable Discussions at BookExpo America

At ABA's Day of Education, to be held at BookExpo America on Thursday, May 28, at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City, ABA members will find roundtable discussions available for all store sizes. In addition, on Saturday, May 30, ABA members are invited to attend informal roundtable discussions covering an array of topics.

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09 Oct

Bookselling in Tough Times: Marketing

This week, Carole Horne of Harvard Book Store, Casey Coonerty Protti of Bookshop Santa Cruz, and John Hugo of Andover Bookstore share their tips for marketing when money is tight and the holiday season is fast-approaching. Key among their recommendations is getting the message out that books are a great gift value.

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20 Aug

A Three-City Tour: Independent Booksellers Prepare for Political Conventions

Over the next few weeks, the eyes of the nation will turn first to Denver and then to Minnesota's Twin Cities for the Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention, respectively. As the population swells in each of the cities -- when delegates, media, and politicos come for some socializing, caucusing, and, yes, to see their candidate receive the official nomination of their party -- opportunities abound for local indie booksellers. Here is a look at what some Denver and Twin Cities bookstores are doing for the upcoming conventions.

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25 Jun

BookPeople: Creating Banners to Spread the Indie Word

Claire Klassen couldn't wait to return home from BookExpo America and start using IndieBound at Austin, Texas' BookPeople. "We are the perfect environment to spread the message of 'independents,'" she explained.

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23 Jan

Consumer Advocacy & Loyalty the Big Buzz at NRF's Big Show

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26 Sep

Changing Hands Opens to Page23 to Increase Readership

Page23, a one-year-old project of Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona, promotes reading among people who may reject traditional marketing approaches through specially selected title lists, displays, and other promotional materials.

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15 Aug

Authors, Philosophers, Leaders, and Plain Folk Pen This I Believe

In 1951, journalist Edward R. Murrow debuted his This I Believe series on CBS Radio.

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15 Aug

Booksellers Befriend MySpace

Part I of a Bookselling This Week miniseries about online endeavors that will keep you on trend and put you in touch with the tens of millions of people who engage in online social networking. Coming up next week: bookseller-bloggers, and why you might want to become one.

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21 Jun

Keys to Book Club Success: Creativity, Perseverance, and Snacks

Politics & Prose in Washington, D.C., doesn't limit its book-club topics to, well, politics and prose. According to buyer Mark LaFramboise, the store's 16 clubs include Fascinating History, Spirituality, Spanish Language, and Knitting Circle. There's also a group with a proclamation-as-name: Still Feminist After All These Years.

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14 Jun

Bookstore Barnstorming: Bringing McEwan to 54 Stores in Five Days

While it would be nearly impossible for an author to make appearances at over 50 bookstores in five days to promote a new novel, the new Out of the Book film project is providing bestselling novelist Ian McEwan and his publisher -- not to mention participating independent bookstores -- with the next best thing. A film featuring McEwan and promoting his new book On Chesil Beach (Nan A.

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