Bulk Importer: Importing Stock (Legacy Feature)

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Note: this document describes the legacy option for importing stock for custom products. For most stores, LSI for Custom Products will be a better fit.

The stock feature allows you to specify inventory levels for your custom products. It can be set on individual products, as well as on adjusted SKUs.


  • SKU - the original SKU/model of the base product.
  • Adjusted SKU - a different SKU per product variation.
  • Stock Active - 1 or 0; are stock numbers tracked for this product?
  • Stock - the inventory number on hand for this product/product variation
  • Stock Threshold - if stock dips below this number, an administrator will be notified via email.


  1. Download a CSV template or full export file for the class of your choice.
  2. Use the SKU column to specify the product, and the Adjusted SKU column to specify the variation. If the product has no variations, supply the original SKU in both columns.
  3. Stock Active is a boolean field (0 or 1) specifying whether stock numbers are tracked for this product or not. It is off (0) by default, meaning customers can purchase as many of the product as they like without restrictions. If you are intending to provide specific stock numbers for a product, you should turn this on (1).
  4. Stock is the actual inventory number. Provide the inventory count here.
  5. Stock Threshold refers to the level at which, if inventory drops below this number, an email will be sent to an administrator. This can be helpful as a reminder to replenish inventory, or to prepare to deactivate a listing if supply is limited.
  6. Upload and process the file in the same way as the field or attribute files.


  • If you are also selling a product in-store, or through another venue the website doesn't know about, it's important to refresh inventory numbers often.
  • To stop using the stock feature for a given product or variation, just set its Stock Active column equal to 0. The system will ignore any stock values previously entered and allow customers to purchase it.


This is an advanced tool for making bulk updates to all products on the site. Sometimes you might want to update prices and stock numbers for many products across different classes. Using the import system above, this could require multiple file uploads, two per class (one for price, and one for stock). With this feature, you can update these fields for all products at once.

You can find the Master Stock/Price Import by navigating to:
Store > Products > Import Products Status > Import Master Stock/Price File

From this screen, you can generate an export of existing products for download. It's a good idea to do this, both as a backup, and to familiarize yourself with the file format. The file has four columns:

  • sku - REQUIRED - the base SKU (model) for the product.
  • adjusted_sku - REQUIRED - the SKU for the product variant. If no variants exist, this will be the same as the base SKU.
  • sell_priceREQUIRED -the sell price of the product. Note that this is the base price of the product, and does not affect any adjusted prices based on attributes/options. To change those prices, you must use the Attributes import.
  • stockREQUIRED - the quantity of the product currently on hand.

Use the form provided to upload and process your stock & price updates. Unlike the other imports, there is no staging table and no preview--changes will be applied immediately, so take care when preparing your file before uploading.

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