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The ‘Stock’ module provides a basic stock tracking system for custom products. Store admins can set the stock level and a threshold for each product SKU. When the stock has decremented to the threshold value an email can be sent to the store admin. When the stock is depleted, the ‘Add to Cart’ button will be replaced with an ‘Out of Stock’ button. The stock count will be decremented as customers make purchases.

NOTE: The ‘Stock’ module needs to be enabled for your site. Please send us a request from the Store Features page Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features.


Navigate to: Store > Configuration > Stock Notifications

  1. Enable ‘Send email notification when stock level reaches its threshold value’
  2. Enter the email address(es) that should receive the notification - Email addresses should be separated by comma
  3. Adjust the message subject and text (optional) - We recommend you leave the tokens ([store:name]) in place.
  4. Save configuration


Navigate to: Content

  1. Select ‘Edit’ for the item you want to add a stock quantity for
  2. Select the ‘Stock’ tab
  3. Enable the ‘Active’ button for that product
  4. Enter the ‘Stock’ amount - This is the total stock count you have to offer and when this amount is reached the ‘Add to Cart’ button will be replaced with an ‘Out of Stock’ button.*
  5. Enter the ‘Threshold’ amount - When this count is reached the ‘Threshold’ notification email will be triggered and sent to the assigned email addresses.
  6. Save Changes

As orders are placed the ‘Stock’ count will be decremented accordingly. If a placed order is canceled, the ‘Stock’ count will not be adjusted automatically, you have to manually adjust the stock count. We highly recommend you allow some 'padding' for items you are adding a stock amount, for instance, if you have 100 available, only enter 85 for the stock amount.

* If a product has several attributes and options with unique alternate SKUs. you can enter the stock count and threshold for each alternate SKU. Notification emails to store admins are triggered for each alternate SKU depending on the count for that SKU. But, the ‘Add to Cart’ button will be replaced by the ‘Out of Stock’ button only when the stock count of all main SKU reaches 0.

You have created a custom product for a T-Shirt, the shirt comes in two sizes (adult, which is the default and  a special child size)

readmoretshirt 5 2 When this stock level reaches 0 the ‘Out of Stock’ button appears and this product (in either size) can not be purchased again until the stock quantity is adjusted.
readmoretshirt_child 5 2 When this stock level reaches 0 the customer can still purchase it, but you will receive the threshold notification and can notify the customer of any delay in fulfilling the order.


In addition to the threshold notification email, each order that has a product with ‘Stock’ enabled on it will have an additional admin comment indicating the level of stock left for the product after the order.


Navigate to: Store > Reports > Stock Reports

This report provides a list of product SKUs that are currently active. Stock levels below their threshold are highlighted. All rows can be adjusted individually by selecting the ‘Edit’ button.

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